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What a wonderful God inspired book on Christian caregiving.  This book offers love and hope in relationship to one another and to Christ. As a deacon and Stephen Minister, I especially appreciated Mary’s challenge to Martha to gain a sense of identity with Jesus and to care for oneself!

This relational community opens us to vulnerability and ultimately to healing — something we all journey toward! –SB


I received “A Tapestry of Love”, and I finished reading it in one sitting — it was so good I couldn’t put it down!


This short book is rich with comfort, guidance, inspiration and hope for those providing care to other people. The authors’ use of the story of Mary and Martha is so approachable and so profound, and the story made it so very easy to see myself in these pages. I know I will read this book over again often, when I need reminding, like Martha, to keep the busyness of my life from taking over my life (J.M).


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