Being Proactive…Being a Caregiver

By Daphne Reiley

Lent is arriving tomorrow, Ash Wednesday.  Many folks tend to think about giving up something.  My tendency has been to take on something: a devotional, a prayer ritual, an exercise regimen.

As a caregiver, most of the time we don’t feel like there is anything we can give up.  Nor do we have the energy to contemplate taking on something else.

Perhaps, something to consider for Lent is speaking up.  Yep. raised handRaising a hand and making a request — being proactive about letting others know about our needs: alerting family members and friends to our need for respite, seeking spiritual support and nurture from our faith community or spiritual friends, making the time for our own annual physicals or eye exams — there are many options!

What are you being called to speak up about?


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