Living Your Practice in the Midst of Pain

Unfortunately, life can be quite painful at times.  Recently, our family has been going through a tough time.  Our teens are moving through difficult patches, trying to determine how they are going to move through the world and find peace.  As a mother, I want to help them; I want to ease their pain, the pain of growth and determination.

As a mother, I can’t do that.  What do I do?  I rely on the spiritual practices that sustain me: prayer, journaling, silence and solitude.  Yet, in this instance, I’ve been unable to pray – I have found myself without words.  Scriptures tell us, though, that it is these very prayers – those of our hearts, too painful to utter – that are carried by the Holy Spirit straight to God.  What I have done is reach out to my prayer warriors and ask that our family be covered in prayer. 

Wow!  What a difference that has made.  A sense of peace in my heart; an opening of my heart so that I can share what’s there with my husband and also hear what’s in his heart; a sense of hope that enables me to better comfort my children in their journeys; a lightening of the load I stubbornly insist on carrying.

Spiritual practices.  The reason we ever take up the work that is spiritual growth is so that when we encounter difficulties and pain and frightful times, we have a tapestry that we can wrap around us, wrap around our families, and be sustained, fed, nurtured by our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.



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