Jesus heals Caregivers too

christsfaceThis post is by Lisa Nichols Hickman and originally ran on Duke University’s Call and Response bog…

As I type, my husband is at home sleeping and recovering from pneumonia. While I wish I had the heart of Christ in my love and support of Jason, I sometimes get cranky and feel crummy. This care, for me, is just a few days. What of those whose caregiving extends for years? It is a role no one chooses and most often are not well-trained for doing.

Many houses in our small, 2000-person town have situations where full-time care is necessary, due to Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, paralysis, cancer, Parkinson’s, cystic fibrosis, and simply old-age. I am overwhelmed by the percentage who are overwhelmed by the task at hand.

I admire these caregivers. Their faith, good humor and fortitude are inspiring. But there are moments when these caregivers crumble with burn-out, social isolation and despair. While their loved ones are remembered in their illness, the caregivers are often forgotten…Read more here.


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