Emotional Authenticity ~ Daphne Reiley


     When we can be honest, or authentic, about the way we feel, we are more trustworthy. Plain and simple.
     As a caregiver, it is important to experience ourselves as trustworthy and to be seen as trustworthy. How about in our relationship with God?
     God knows us; God sees everything we do and hears everything we think. So, what‘s the big deal? The big deal is in the response we receive from God when we are authentic about our emotions.
     Most of us hide our emotions when we fear they will be misunderstood, upsetting, or judged in some way. Wow. That could be most of the time, especially when we are under stress. As caregivers, that position is fairly frequent is it not?
     A question to ponder: How are we to receive the support we need if we are not honest about what we need? We can always depend on God to meet us where we are. If we are angry or frustrated, God will respond with acceptance. If we are worried or afraid, God will respond with comfort. If we are joyful and happy, God will respond with even greater joy!
     God is not as worried about our emotions as we are. We were created with emotions which are signposts to activity in our minds and hearts. So, as we hear in Ecclesiastes, to everything there is a season. Trust yourself to feel whatever emotion you need to feel at any given moment.
     The choice, of course, is how you respond, inwardly and outwardly. That‘s where being in contact with God is a helpful thing. Let God meet you where you are and help. When God is invited into a conflict or stressful situation, anxiety levels fall.
     Being authentic with a friend—especially one who knows what you are going through—will help in unexpected ways. That friend can become God with skin on, with arms to enfold you when you need a hug. Authenticity in our relationships with loved ones is essential.
     Once you get a taste of being where you are emotionally, being where you are spiritually and even physically becomes more feasible.
     My favorite prayer: ―Be still and know that I am God. Be.





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